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WELCOME TO Commercial Properties - The Best of Commercial Real Estate, Property, and Office Space

  • Commercial Real Estate
    The commercial real estate business is definitely picking up, and now may be a good time to invest. In 2004, prices of commercial real estate properties rose exponentially Ė 26 percent for apartment complexes, 21 percent for industrial properties, 14 percent for retail properties and six percent for office buildings. If youíre thinking about investing in commercial real estate, but you donít know where to start -- read on for some guidelines. C Read More...
  • New York Commercial Mortgage Broker
    New York commercial mortgage brokers are brokers who contract in commercial buildings or properties. New York Commercial mortgage brokers can be found throughout most of the state. Real estate prices in New York are some of the highest priced properties in the world and buying a piece of real estate, no matter what it is used for a residential or commercial purpose, it is often one of the most important financial decisions that people will ever Read More...
  • Why Invest In Commercial Properties Instead Of Residential?
    When investors were leaving the stock market in droves, they turned to investing in real estate. And real estate is an excellent choice compared to stocks. The tax deductions and potential for price appreciation are enough reasons for burned out stock market investors to make the switch. But real estate is a wide open field, where should you focus your time and money? Many people might believe that residential property investing is the best wa Read More...